Our loyal clients say it best

We have built up a solid customer base, and our clients depend on us to help them with all their automotive needs.

  • "Once again you have proven the value of using the services of Auto Advantage when looking for a new vehicle."
    Avinash Singh
  • "I saved time and money, and most important, saved me the hassle of dealing with salespeople"
    Cathy Knotts
  • "The service was exceptional and I saved approximately $3,500."
    Chad Strange
  • "I received the best quotes available and I found them to be honest and trustworthy."
    Cheryl Katz
  • "A great working knowledge of the business of buying, selling, or leasing vehicles."
    Douglas Craig

  • "Thank-you Steve and Auto Advantage for making our transition from two cars to a crossover painless and cost effective!"
    Gal Family
  • "Your services were invaluable and you also saved us several thousand dollars."
    Gideon Sheps

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service."
    Jacques Konialian

  • "The Auto Advantage service was once again very professional, efficient and cost-effective."
    Joel Tadeo

  • "I have no reservation about enthusiastically recommending Auto Advantage Inc."
    Jon Morrison
  • "He was able to get a substantial rebate in the final price of my car, and also he handled all the paperwork with the dealership."
    Jose Soraggi
  • "We would like to thank you for all your hard work that you did for us to get us into our new Sonata. Your knowledge and trustworthiness is something you should be proud of."
    Mary-lou & Frank Burns

  • "We continue to receive excellent service and would not hesitate to refer anybody to this company."
    McGavin Family

  • "Your committed dedication in searching for the right vehicle was most valued and appreciated."
    Michel Tordjman

  • "They worked out all the financing and car prep for me and had the car delivered to my home!"
    Melisa Richter

  • "Auto Advantage Inc. helped me navigate through the car buying maze and obtain maximum value."
    Nathan Poon

  • "Your attention to detail and your ability to negotiate has made you a strong recommendation."
    Peter Taylor

  • "I wish to thank you and recommend your services to anyone interested in buying a car."
    Rama Atluru
  • "The team worked hard to sell my car and I recommend the excellent service."
    Roger Pierce

  • "The services saved me a considerable amount of time and relieved the anxiety of buying a new car."
    Simon Hicks
  • "Your organization provided relief from all the hassles and you also saved us thousands of dollars! "
    Tavi-IT Consulting
  • "You listened to my requests and put them into action without my having to deal with a dealership."
    Vicki MacCrimmon
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