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Your One-Stop destination for all your automotive needs

  • Are you looking for a new or used vehicle ?
  • Do you wish to sell or trade your vehicle ?
  • Do you need help in maintaining your vehicle ?

Your Time is Valuable: Your Time is Money

Why not let Auto Advantage Inc. handle all of your automotive needs, and you can concentrate on the things you need and love to do ? We help you to buy, sell, and maintain your automobile, thereby giving you more freedom and enjoyment.

In purchasing a new or used vehicle, Auto Advantage Inc. acts as a broker, and negotiates on your behalf. We have special arrangements with a wide variety of dealerships right across Southern Ontario and affiliates in the Montreal area, and we can therefore save you money in the purchase or lease of any type of automobile.

Tell us what type of vehicle you are looking for, and we will do all the leg work, compare prices, negotiate with the various dealerships, and then, simply present to you the best deals available. We will even bring the vehicle to your door for a test drive, and upon signing a deal, take care of all the paperwork for you.

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