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Stephen Krausch of Auto Advantage Inc.

The Government of Canada's Self Employment Benefits (S.E.B., formerly known as S.E.A. – Self Employment Assistance) program has been consistently considered one of the most successful government funded programs in the world supporting those who have just lost their jobs and are interested in becoming their own boss. It helped thousands of individuals over the years over the initial hurdles and on the path to self-employment independence. If you had lost your job and were eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, you would have been eligible for the program. Successful applicants would then experience 10 weeks of intensive business skills development training while completing a comprehensive business plan that supports their business idea. In addition, participants were provided with ongoing business advisor counseling services and income support for up to one year while they develop and implement their business plan.

Stephen Krausch has been successfully running his auto brokerage and consulting business, Auto Advantage ( since 2003 and is a huge proponent of this program.

“ I liked the program a lot, it basically took business school and condensed it into a few weeks - you have to learn quick, and my advisors, instructors, and classmates helped me out a lot ”

Stephen got a wealth of information from his business advisors at the Toronto Business Development Centre, but was pleasantly surprised by how much his fellow classmates also helped him out, it was great team work particularly with the branding side of it. His original company name was S.K. Auto Consulting that turned into Auto Advantage Inc, a new image and branding which he is very proud of and still using today.

Stephen’s background is in heavy equipment, automotive, and hydraulics. He received his diploma in automotive technology in Quebec, became licensed in Ontario, and has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry.

He was working in hydraulics when suddenly, right after September 11, 2001, he found himself without a job in the midst of a severe downturn for the automotive industry and the economy in general. Upon applying for EI, he found out about the S. E. B. program, applied, and was accepted. “When you get layed off, you feel demoralized. Because of this program, they trusted me and believed in me, and I would not be here without it. It’s all about finding that target market and get the word of mouth referrals, and because of the S.E.B program, I was able to get to a level to make an income doing what I love. Thanks to all my and peers and particularly my client advisor Michael Donahue”

Today Stephen offers his clients a high end service, helping them with all of their automotive needs from buying, leasing, selling, to servicing and general maintenance of all types of new and used vehicles - foreign, domestic, and exotic.

“ My slogan is ‘We get the wheels in motion'. When you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, you need to go to at least 5 or 6 dealerships, and each one takes time. You need to deal with multiple salesmen, and after a long day at work, you’re tired and maybe don’t have the energy or motivation to do that ”

Stephen basically does all of this for you, and helps you with all aspects of purchasing, leasing, or selling. He can provide a cost analysis for you to compare prices and understand the vehicle value.

“ I will handle all of your automotive affairs, save you money on a new vehicle with a minimum brokerage amount and saving you on fleet cost. I’ll do the pre-check on the vehicle, pickup and dropoff, drive you to dealership, make sure car is road tested, provide advice, and even rent the vehicle for you and get you a deal on a rental. You never have to leave your home or office, I will pick you up and bring the car to you, and only need to be there to sign the documents. It’s a high end service ”

For those unfamiliar with cars, or those who just don’t have time to deal with it, Auto Advantage is the perfect solution.

“ You’d be surprised by how many dealers make errors in the paperwork. I make sure all is in order, and will get you the best deal possible and pass the savings on to you ”

Stephen’s clients say it best as can be seen on his website testimonials page

You can view the Auto Advantage website at and contact Stephen via email at

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Stephen Krausch started Auto Advantage Inc. with help from a popular government sponsored program and has been successfully in business since 2003.